Stunned At Her Reading Ability

Susan Barton loves hearing from parents who take action right away, as this parent did:

My daughter had neuropsych testing done 3 1/2 years ago. She was diagnosed with dyslexia.

I researched and found a Barton tutor a month later.

We have worked tirelessly year round for the last 3 1/2 years. She is now in the middle of Level 8.

My daughter was recently retested by that neuropsych. The doc was STUNNED at her reading ability. He said it is very rare to see a child jump that drastically in their reading skills — and whatever I’m doing, keep it up!

Thank you, Susan, for creating the Barton System.

Kimberly Christianson
Homeschool Parent
Hampton, IA

One response

  1. My son is in 2nd grade. He’s been on the Barton program since 1st grade. He was at the bottom of his class in both reading and math. He goes to a private school that expects their kids to read word problems starting in 1st grade. He was recently tested and is now at grade level in both math and reading pushing above grade level. He is a perfect example of early intervention. However, he keeps getting detention and written up in class for not following directions or excessive talking. And yes, I could have gotten my Associates in all the time I’ve spent trying to get an IEP for accommodations. I’ll be back in the fall, not giving up until I have an IEP that acknowledges his diagnosed ADHD/DYSLEXIA.Thank you Susan!

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