My son is excelling

When you catch dyslexia early, children catch up faster — as this parent shares.

My son Nicholas is in second grade at a private school. We took him out of the public school system when they failed to identify his dyslexia — even though the public school in our town is one of the best in our state.

We had him tested privately. He has moderate dyslexia. They recommended we tutor him using the Barton Reading & Spelling System.

Nicholas is about to start Level 4 in your system. His reading grade was a C in the first quarter, went to a B in the second quarter, and in the last quarter, he got an A. My son is excelling in the Barton System. He is even volunteering to read to his classmates.

We are very proud of our son’s success. Your system has been critical for that success.

Gy and Cynthia Kern, parents
Batesville, IN

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  1. Cheryl Santangelo | Reply

    Good morning, Susan,

    My name is Cheryl Santangelo. I am an elementary principal at Mater Dolorosa Catholic School in Independence, LA. I have several children in my school that have been diagnosed with dyslexia. I have selected two teachers to receive the Orton-Gillingham method training in May. However, I was told about your program. I would like some information on training for my faculty. If you can call me at (985)878-4295, I certainly would appreciate it.

    Cheryl Santangelo, Principal

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