Never in her 13 years of teaching . . .

Teachers are amazed at how rapidly Barton students improve — even when they are tutored by a parent, as this mother shared:  

Thank you so much for developing this program and your great informational videos and website. Without those, I don’t think my daughter would have been diagnosed and gotten the help she needed.

I am currently working on Level 3 with my daughter. Since starting the Barton System, she has shown tremendous progress! Her teacher told us that in her 13 years of teaching experience, she has never seen a student have this much growth in one year! She credits the program and my commitment to it.


That teacher has been wonderful. She has allowed me to come into the classroom for an hour twice a week to do Barton with my daughter.

By the way, that teacher is now interested in using the Barton System with a few other students she thinks will benefit from it. So that is super exciting!

Jennifer Veras, parent
Modesto, CA

2 responses

  1. What a great idea ! To do the tutoring at school during school hours !
    Thank you for sharing your story !

  2. MargaritaMartinez | Reply

    Tutoring works when… Kids use the time to plan their essays and plan what they will study. Tutors are very passionate… Regardless of formal qualifications, about $55 is standard industry wide for tutoring. Kids with dyslexia and autism thrive with tutoring because they get more attention. If parents were more proactive about helping their own kids, there would be less need for tutoring. When kids work with zero or one other student – big groups are less effective. When you are trying to find a best learning center for yourself or for your child, visit here ( for more help, you need to care a lot while choosing the best for your child.

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