Much to be thankful for . . .

Letters like this make all of our hard work worthwhile.

Dear Susan,

Today as I sat at the table with my family to celebrate Thanksgiving, I realized how much things have changed over the last year.

Just a year ago, my daughter cried about school and hid in the chicken coop to try to avoid going. She often returned from school with blisters on her fingers (from gripping the pencil too hard due to her dysgraphia), and she was soooo frustrated by reading assignments and spelling tests.

Needless to say, it was a very hard time for our family.

Fast forward a year.  We are now homeschooling using the Barton System, and she is happy.

She draws her chickens and writes poems about them. Her poems don’t always rhyme, but not all poems need to rhyme.  🙂

She feels successful in her reading assignments and in her ability to spell the words in the  lessons.  There are no more tears and no more blisters. She is happy and making progress!

I deeply appreciate the program you put together. To me, it is way more than a reading program, and I thank you for creating it.

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