Student surprise and amazement

Susan Barton loves seeing Facebook posts from teachers, like this one:

I highly recommend the Barton Reading & Spelling System. It has made the difference for so many students at our school.

A side benefit is that I, as the resource teacher, have learned so much about English reading and spelling rules, too.

The manuals are precise and explicit, so if you follow them with fidelity, your students will progress and make amazing improvements.

My highest group is just finishing Level 4. It teaches vowel teams, but my students especially loved learning the syllabication rules.

I wish everyone could have seen their surprise and amazement when they realized they did not have to guess at long words anymore — and that they could actually decode words by following rules. This level is the game changer.

I’m so grateful that Susan Barton painstakingly developed this program to provide every child an opportunity to learn to read!!!

Patricia James, Resource Teacher
St. Edward Catholic School
Little Rock, AR

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