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Dyslexia is inherited

Many people are still not aware that dyslexia is inherited. It strongly runs in family trees.

That lack of awareness causes this:

After 3 years of trying to figure out my daughter’s learning challenges, I am now convinced that she is dyslexic.

I am sick to my stomach that although I knew my husband is dyslexic, I never made the connection. I did not know it is an inherited condition.

My very bright daughter will be entering 6th grade soon, reading 3 years below her grade level.

And it causes this:

I am dyslexic my father was dyslexic my older son is dyslexic. could my 9 yr old son be dyslexic.

we have been trying to get an IEP sence frist grade (he in 3rd now) we where told unless he has failing grades for 2 consexative years no IEP.

i cant help him with his school work.

im afraid thay are pushing him through school and he will end up an out of control teen — like me.

Parents, if you know dyslexia runs in your family tree, and your second or third grader has terrible spelling when writing sentences and stories, and is a slow inaccurate reader who cannot easily sound out unknown words, take action now.

I just found your website today. I am the mom of a second grader and I think he may be dyslexic because my son’s father, aunt, and grandmother are all dyslexic.

I questioned his kindergarten and first grade teachers about dyslexia. Each teacher assured me he was age appropriate in his learning.

But towards the middle of first grade, he scored below the average on the DIBELS test and qualified for reading intervention. I signed him up for it, thinking it would help.

I also worked with him all summer in an attempt to get him up to the same level as his classmates.

Despite that, his second grade teacher expressed concern about his reading, writing, and spelling on his progress report.

So I took him to a center for an assessment. He scored low on phonemic awareness and fluency, but very high on comprehension. He puzzled the assessor because even though he did not read the passage very accurately, he was able to answer the comprehension questions. He also scored high in listening comprehension.

Yet reading, spelling, and writing are so exhausting to my child that it is painful to watch. He wants to read, he is motivated to read, but he isn’t reading the words. He does seem to know some sight words but he mostly scans the page looking for clues and guesses at reading.

I am very interested in learning how to teach my child. My background is not in teaching, but I am more than willing to work hard, and I am very motivated.

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