Educate the teachers

Most teachers really do want to learn how to help struggling students, as this Dyslexia Specialist (and former Waldorf teacher) shared:

I gave a workshop entitled “Dyslexia and Educational Support” last week at the annual Waldorf Teachers Conference.

Even though I was given the very last time slot on the very last day, my presentation was full.

The teachers were so grateful for information which opened their eyes to the possibility of dyslexia as the explanation they had been looking for, even if they didn’t realize it before. A few were already knowledgeable, a few were skeptical yet open, and for a few, it was life changing.

One teacher came up to me during a break, shared that she was dyslexic, and that her school was suggesting that she might not be able to continue teaching her class past third grade because her written end-of-year reports were so poorly written — despite her using a spell checker. She said, “I’d rather be in a room full of scorpions and snakes than have to write those reports.”

This was one of the most gratifying experiences I have ever had.

Susan Barton coordinates a Dyslexia Speakers Bureau. So if you need a good speaker on Dyslexia to educate teachers at a staff meeting, an inservice training day, or a conference, fill out the form at:

Susan will then connect you to a good speaker in your area.

2 responses

  1. Do you know if her presentation at the Waldorf conference is available as a writeup or video for other Waldorf teachers? It would be great to be able to see how she linked it to Waldorf philosophy. My son goes to a Waldorf school and it has been a challenge talking about dyslexia.

  2. Michael Franklin | Reply

    You have chose very nice and necessary topic for the discussion and yes, this is a very common question of parents of dyslexia children, that if the teachers are even not trained for helping these special children in studies, they how will they be able to do so.
    I think teachers must be given proper training for how to help these children.

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